Battlefield 2042 Upside Down, Invisible Soldiers & Weekly Missions Bug to Be Fixed in Future Update

Battlefield 2042 invisible

If you’ve encountered invisible or upside down soldiers in Battlefield 2042, you’re not alone. This Battlefield 2042 invisible soldiers bug has been around for quite some time, and thankfully, it seems a fix is incoming soon-ish.

Over on Twitter, Lead Gameplay Designer Florian Le Bihan confirmed that “some fixes” are on the way in the next BF2042 update to fix these issues.

Another thing that’s bugged is the weekly missions appearing in-game. Earlier today, we published the weekly missions and reward for the week, which should entice players to boot the game up and go after a specific new cosmetic. Unfortunately, some players cannot see the new missions in-game. DICE has confirmed that this, too, will be fixed in an upcoming update.

Both issues are being targeted for the next update, which is set for sometime in May. No further details regarding the May patch has been shared so far outside of these little tidbits, but we do know that the HDR option is being fixed in a future update as well.

For those suffering through invisible enemies in Battlefield 2042, rejoice! The wait won’t be that long now. If you know anyone encountering this, share this article and let them know that a fix is incoming.

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