Battlefield 2042 Weekly Challenge #2 (Dec. 15-22) Reward: PP-29 Dealmaker Skin


The second pre-season weekly challenge for Battlefield 2042 is now live! Here’s everything you need to know and do to earn the Battlefield 2042 Weekly Challenge #2 (Dec. 15-22) reward.

Battlefield 2042 Weekly (Dec 15-22) Challenge #2 (Preseason):

This week’s reward is the “Dealmaker” skin for the PP-29 SMG. Down below you’ll find a screenshot of what this skin looks like, along with all the requirements to unlock it.

Battlefield 2042 Weekly (Dec 15-22) Challenge #2 Reward PP-29 Dealmaker Skin

How to complete Battlefield 2042 Weekly (Dec 15-22) Challenge #2

  • Cause a total of 2500 damage inflicted with any explosive – Reward: 5000 XP – Use rocket launchers and grenades if you don’t feel comfortable in a tank or vehicle with explosives.
  • Capture or neutralize 15 objectives – Reward: 5000 XP – Recommend playing Conquest Large or Conquest 64 either via All-Out Warfare or through Battlefield 2042 Portal mode.
  • Kill or kill assisted a total of 30 times – Reward 5000 XP – Should unlock as you play.

This week’s challenge is looking pretty easy to complete as it focuses on captures, kills, and damage with explosives. We recommend joining a game of conquest and to equip some rocket launchers, or use grenades to maximize explosive damage. Kills of course should come naturally, especially since assists count towards the challenge. Completing each mission will also reward 5000 XP for a total of 15000 XP.

Once you have completed all three weekly missions you will unlock the new Dealmaker skin for the PP-29 SMG.

Every week on Wednesday at 11:00am ET the Battlefield 2042 weekly challenges refresh, revealing a new weekly reward. If you are interested in staying up-to-date on when these rewards and weekly challenges drop, be sure to follow MP1st on Twitter, or keep a watchful eye on our guide page for Battlefield 2042.

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Luis Solis
1 year ago

Bots would make this more faster to do.

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