Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Challenge #11 & Reward (Feb 17 – Feb 24)

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Feb 17

Morning Battlefield 2042 players, it’s that time of week again! Yup, there’s a new set of challenges and weekly rewards now live in Battlefield 2042. Here’s all the requirements to unlock the Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Challenge #11 (Feb 17 – Feb 24) rewards.

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Challenge #11 (Feb 17 – Feb 24):

How to Complete and Earn Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Challenge #11 (Feb. 17 – Feb. 24) Reward:

  • 15 teammates resupplied with ammo.
  • 4000 damage inflicted.
  • 500 health repaired on teammates’ gadgets and vehicles.

This week’s reward is all about the SU-57, as there is a pretty looking skin, the Sonic Shock. Like past weeklies, there are three challenges to unlock this skin, and they’re not at all difficult. Equip an ammo kit and drop it in a highly populated zone. You should replenish 15 players quickly and it should be doable in one match. After, equip the repair tool and follow vehicles such as tanks around. You can even hop in and hop out once they’ve taken damage to repair them. I suggest playing conquest, rush, or breakthrough. As for damaging that’ll come natural. Once you have completed all three and claim the 15,000 XP you will unlock the SU-57 Sonic Shock skin, congrats!

Once you have completed all three challenges, you’ll earn yourself  15,000 XP points, as well as the Sonic Shock epic vehicle skin for the SU-57 Felon.

Every week on Thursday at 4:00am PT/6:00am CT/7:00am ET the Battlefield 2042 weekly challenges refresh, revealing a new weekly reward. If you are interested in staying up-to-date on when these rewards and weekly challenges drop, be sure to follow MP1st on Twitter, or keep a watchful eye on our guide page for Battlefield 2042.

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