Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Challenge #13 & Reward (Mar 17 – Mar 24)

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Mar 17

Morning Battlefield 2042 players, it’s that time of week again! Yup, there’s a new set of challenges and weekly rewards now live in Battlefield 2042. Here’s all the requirements to unlock the Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Challenge #13 (Mar 17 – Mar 24) rewards.

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Challenge #13 (Mar 17 – Mar 24):

How to Complete and Earn Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Challenge #13 (Mar 17 – Mar 24) Reward:

  • 800 Health Replenished or Vehicles Repaired
  • 30 Enemies Killed and Vehicles Destroyed
  • 20 Ribbons Earned

The challenges for this week aren’t all that difficult, with the ribbons earned being the most time consuming. Luckily while you go for kills, you should earn some combat ribbons. As for the health replenished we recommend either equipping the med pack and dropping them or use the stim pistol. This will also be a good way to rack up ribbons, but outside of that we recommend objective based games modes. Capture and defend points and those ribbons will start pouring in.

Congrats, you should now have earned 15,000XP along with the Battlefield 2042 weekly mission #13 reward, the “Cobalt Protector”, Rare Skin for the Irish.

Every week on Thursday at 4:00am PT/6:00am CT/7:00am ET the Battlefield 2042 weekly challenges refresh, revealing a new weekly reward. If you are interested in staying up-to-date on when these rewards and weekly challenges drop, be sure to follow MP1st on Twitter, or keep a watchful eye on our guide page for Battlefield 2042.

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