Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Challenge #22 & Reward (May 12 – May 19); New Portal Featured Experiences Detailed

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset May 12

It’s Thursday and you know what that means right? That’s right, another set of new challenges to be done, and a reward to be earned in Battlefield 2042! Here’s all the requirements to unlock the Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Challenge #22 (May 12 – May 19) rewards.

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Challenge #22 (May 12 – May 19): “Fleck”, Universal Common Weapon Skin

  • 15 Teammates Revived
  • 50 Teammates Resupplied with Ammo
  • 3000 Damage with Primary / Secondary Weapons

This week’s challenges are easy ones. Equip the ammo crate and drop them near teammates. You should rack the supply 50 teammates with ammo real quick, with damage caused by primary or secondary coming naturally. The revive 15 teammates will most likely be the most time consuming of these challenges. Stick with squad mates, and pay attention to other teammates on the battlefield, revive when there’s a good opening and coverage to avoid any potential downs. And objective based mode is recommended for all these.

Once you have completed all three challenges you’ll be rewarded the “Fleck”, Universal Common Weapon Skin. Congrats!

In addition to this, a new set of Featured Experiences for Battlefield Portal have also been detailed, and you can check them out below:

  • 2042 Infantry Conquest (May 12 – 16)
  • Gun Roulette (May 12 – 16)
  • 2042 Rush (May 12 – 16)
  • #FridayNightBattlefield – Limited Time Featured Experience (May 13 – 14)

Every week on Thursday at 4:00am PT/6:00am CT/7:00am ET the Battlefield 2042 weekly challenges refresh, revealing a new weekly reward. If you are interested in staying up-to-date on when these rewards and weekly challenges drop, be sure to follow MP1st on Twitter, or keep a watchful eye on our guide page for Battlefield 2042.

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