Battlefield 2042 Weekly Store Refresh, Missions & Battle Pass Rewards for June 16 Listed

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Store Refresh
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With Battlefield 2042’s Season 1: Zero Hour launch, DICE has also rolled out the in-game store! Today, the studio has pushed out the Battlefield 2042 weekly store refresh along with the weekly missions for June 16!

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Store Refresh & Missions for June 16:

Here are the new items (via temporyal):

Rao Soldier Set


LATV Vehicle Skin


NTW-50 Weapon Skin


Array Universal Weapon Skin


For the weekly missions, it’ll be tied to the Exposure 24/7 Breakthrough playlist update that was announced yesterday. Check out the missions and rewards you should get this week below.

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Weekly Missions (Week 2):

Week 2 Missions:

  • Damage Inflicted With Primary Weapons – 1500 (4 pts)
  • 1 Round Played of Breakthrough (4 pts)
  • 3 Kills With Shotguns (4 pts)

Available After 2 Missions Completed:

  • 8 Objectives Captured or Rounds Played (5 pts)
  • 10 Squadmates Revived or Times Revived by Squadmates (5 pts)
  • 1 Multikill Performed With Any Explosive (5 pts)

Available After 4 Missions Completed:

  • 50 Teammates Resupplied With Ammo (6 pts)
  • 3 Kills With Melee Weapons (6 pts)
  • 15 Kills With SMGs or Shotguns – Bonus Mission (10 pts)

Check out the Battle Pass rewards for the week:

Finally, the Featured Experiences for Battlefield Portal are listed below too.

Battlefield Portal Featured Experiences for June 16:

  • Headhunter: June 16 to 21
  • Flashback Conquest: June 16 – 21
  • Gun Master – June 16 to 21
  • Friday Night Battlefield: June 17 to 18

That’s about it! Tune in next Thursday for the next Battlefield 2042 weekly store refesh and weekly missions! In case you haven’t tried Season 1 yet, you ought to do so, as our review states that it is a step in the right direction for the shooter.

Thanks, Kevin Johnson!

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