Battlefield 3 – DICE Dev Hints At Conquest Domination On Vanilla and Back to Karkand Maps

Could the brand new game mode Conquest Domination, introduced in the recent Battlefield 3: Close Quarters expansion pack, be making its way to Vanilla and Back to Karkand Battlefield 3 maps? According to lead gameplay designer Alan Kertz, there is a chance.

“So it seems Conquest: Domination is pretty popular already,” stated Kertz on his Twitter account. Being the close quarters version of the already fan-favorite Conquest mode, this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. CQD basically takes the same idea of regular CQ by placing three “flags” on a map which players must capture as they bleed the opposing force of “tickets”. CQD, however, allows for a much quicker capture time, contributing to the much more frequent change of ownership, and does not allow the owning team to spawn on their captured flags. Instead, spawns are more similar to the classic TDM mode. This action-packed mode, along with the frantic new Close Quarter maps, is sure to become the talk of the Battlefield.

Kertz wonders, however, “would you play it on other maps? I’m just curious.”

Yes, Kertz. The answer is yes. While this is obviously no confirmation that it will actually happen, chances are it’s possible if he’s asking, right? We sure hope so. Surely many would agree that CQD would lend itself well to both Vanilla and B2K Team Deathmatch maps and would give Battlefield fans a new way to rediscover their favorite maps. For a few concerned followers, Kertz clarified that CQD “would never replace normal CQ.”

Others have also been asking about the newly introduced weapon camouflage patterns, wondering if weapons other than the F2000, SCAR-H, PKP Pecheneg and L96, will be seeing camo unlock as well any time soon. Kertz explains, “It’s limited to certain guns right now and we plan to build up the number of guns over time.”

While it would be great to see the CQD game mode find its place among older BF3 maps, no word has been given if the other newly introduced Gun Master mode will be making its way to older maps as well. That, along with newer sets of weapon rotations, would surely be welcomed with open arms among the Battlefield community.

What do you guys think? Would you like Conquest Domination and Gun Master to make it to older BF3 maps? Or, perhaps just one or the other? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Perhaps, together, we can grab the attention of DICE developers.

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