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Battlefield 3 – Gun Master Game Mode to Acquire Different Weapon Rotations? News 36

News 36 Included in the latest Battlefield 3 expansion pack Close Quarters, many welcomed the addition of the brand new game mode Gun Master with open arms. Based on the popular Counter-Strike game mode, Gun Master cycles players through a set number of weapons – earning new weapons after every two kills achieved – as they progress to […]

Battlefield 3 – Intense Gun Master Clips On All Close Quarters Maps News 12

News 12 Get a better look at Gun Master, the new mode introduced in Battlefield 3’s latest expansion pack, Close Quarters. Originally starting out as a mod in the well-loved FPS Counter-Strike, Battlefield 3 developers DICE show us their take on the popular game mode in the latest DLC. We’ve rounded up four videos, one on each […]

Battlefield 3 – DICE Dev Hints At Conquest Domination On Vanilla and Back to Karkand Maps News 96

News 96 Could the brand new game mode Conquest Domination, introduced in the recent Battlefield 3: Close Quarters expansion pack, be making its way to Vanilla and Back to Karkand Battlefield 3 maps? According to lead gameplay designer Alan Kertz, there is a chance. “So it seems Conquest: Domination is pretty popular already,” stated Kertz on his […]