Battlefield 3 – Gun Master Game Mode to Acquire Different Weapon Rotations?

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Included in the latest Battlefield 3 expansion pack Close Quarters, many welcomed the addition of the brand new game mode Gun Master with open arms.

Based on the popular Counter-Strike game mode, Gun Master cycles players through a set number of weapons – earning new weapons after every two kills achieved – as they progress to more difficult-to-use items like the knife. For a better picture, check out our round up of gameplay videos demonstrating the Gun Master game mode.

Though it provided a fresh experience for Battlefield 3 players, it did not come without a few of its own frustrations. It quickly grew stale due to the simple fact that the rotation of weapons used in Gun Master were always the same. Who wants to use the same weapons over and over again?

Luckily, DICE global community manager Daniel Matros has recently hinted at making a few changes.

“Today, looking at giving admins more control what weapon list your gunmaster can run,” he mentions on Twitter while playtesting in the DICE studios.

While it has yet to be officially confirmed, it should hopefully give Gun Master fanatics something to look forward to.

Other than what’s already included, what weapons do you think would work well in the Gun Master game mode?