Battlefield 3: End Game – Capture the Flag Is Fast and Furious

As many of you already know, DICE will be re-introducing Capture the Flag, a classic game mode once featured in Battlefield: 1942, and will be translating it over to Battlefield 3 via the latest expansion, End Game.

In a recent developer blog, DICE detailed exactly how this iteration of CTF will work. One of the biggest differences from other games that becomes apparent right away is the inclusion of the new motor-bike vehicle. Obviously, the motor-bike will bring a different dynamic to the gameplay, giving players a choice between a fast but lightly armored getaway versus a slower but more heavily armored getaway.

The concept is fairly simple: capture the enemy flag and bring it back to your base. But players need to remember that the enemy is trying to do the same. If your flag is no longer at your base when trying to return the enemy flag, you’re not allowed to score.

DICE explains that “Capturing a flag is instantaneous. Just run over it to snatch it, then make it back home to score. Recovering your own flag that an enemy has dropped is not so simple, though. Rather, it is similar to how you would capture a base in Conquest. There’s a timer ticking down once you are within capture radius, and the time it takes to recover the flag is directly affected by how many friendly soldiers you have in the flag’s capture radius. Once it’s recovered, it will be automatically placed back home in your base again.”

Once you’ve captured the enemy flag, it’s carried on the back of your infantry soldier or attached to your vehicle,” as demonstrated by this guy below:

“This is how we do it in America.”

Are you excited to try your hand at the Battlefield 3 version of Capture the Flag?

Battlefield 3: End Game drops this March, two weeks early for Battlefield 3 Premium members and first for PlayStation 3 users.

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