Battlefield 3: End Game Will Have You Doing Wheelies – Premium Video Now Available

Yesterday, DICE dropped some fresh new info regarding Battlefield 3’s upcoming and final expansion pack, appropriately titled “End Game.”

While it reconfirmed a few details we already know, like the introduction of motor-bikes, we also learned that Capture the Flag would be the brand new featured game mode while new vehicles like the “dropship” would be introduced as well as other “lightweight AA vehicles.” You can read up on a few of these details right here.

If you happen to be a Battlefield 3 Premium member, you can check out a bit of End Game in action via the recently released Premium-exclusive End Game teaser video. You can view it right here, if you haven’t yet.

Not yet a Premium member? Now might be a great time to consider it seeing that Origin is holding a 20% off sale on all Premium memberships. That means you get it a $39.99 USD if you buy now. Check it out here.

In other news, Reddit user Mashed8 noticed something interesting while watching the latest End Game teaser. In the screen below, you’ll notice the soldiers on the right pulling a wheelie, a maneuver that was later confirmed by a Battlelog Developer on the same Reddit thread:

It’s quite fun, though uncontrollable (obviously, since the front wheel isn’t on the ground).

BF3 End Game
Nice wheelie, bro.


Reddit user DelucaFTW also noticed a symbol on one of the flag’s that looked awfully similar to the AC130 Gunship symbol from the Armored Kill DLC. This could very well have to do with the aforementioned “dropship” that will be introduced in End Game. Chances are, it might deploy just like the AC130 did in Armored Kill once that base is captured. Reddit user bf3r snapped a quick screenshot of it for us below:

Battlefield 3
Dropship at base “C”?

The introduction of two-man motor-bikes will certainly add some unexpected gameplay elements to Battlefield 3 this March. Other than using these speedy machines to capture flags in CTF, what other uses can you think of?

Thanks, DelucaFTW, for the tip!

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