Battlefield 3 for Xbox 360 and PS3 Visually on Par – DICE Clarifies

Finally, we can put this war over Battlefield 3’s console visuals to bed.

Misinformed fanboys from both camps have been spouting nonsense for the last couple of months about which version is superior. Now, when Daniel Matros, Battlefield 3 Community Manager Extraordinaire, was asked by fan on whether the two versions will be on the same visual level, he flat out states “Yes! Definitly. We [DICE] don’t back down on quality.”

So, there you have it folks. Both versions will look great, and for the love of Battlefield, let’s all get along.

Be sure to check out DICE’s statements on less destructible environments.

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25 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 for Xbox 360 and PS3 Visually on Par – DICE Clarifies

    1. But the 360 has a “special lighting solution.” 😀

      While I think there may still be some differences in the PS3 and 360 version, I’m sure the level of quality will be exactly the same. The hardware of both consoles may just have different ways of achieving the same goals.

          1. Crytek also said that

            after launch Crysis 2:


            I go to sleep

            let’s hope


      1. I think the lighting will be pretty similar, they’re using different methods for the same result. But PS3 will look better thanks to DICE using MLAA. And it looks brilliant, after watching the battlefield 3 gameplay on PS3 I could of easily mistaken it for 8xmsaa. MLAA was used in God of war 3, Killzone 3 and will be in uncharted 3, After playing all 3 games (uncharteds beta), It’s just a brilliant substitute to msaa. This feature won’t be on 360, I don’t even think it’s possible because it’s achieved on the CELLs spus. So both versions will look the same except PS3 will have much better anti-aliasing. The most 360 will have is 2xmsaa, might not even have any.

    2. Ill bet 10 dollars that you have no fucking idea what that is LOL. Why does it matter what system you have??each one excells in its own way and fails in areas where the other(s) succeeds. All it comes down to is what brand did your mommy and daddy buy for you. If your parents dont buy you things anynore (ie. You have moved out) and you are on the intenet bashing everything without your systems brand, you really nedd to get your priorities straightened out. And fast.

    1. Exactly.. fanboys are the direct result of not being a real gamer. If you love to Play games then you would have both systems and know it has ZERO to do with which one looks better. Its shows how pathetic people are to think someone really cares that they think the only system they could afford is better because they own it.

        1. i have seen that. Its great. That is the point i was trying to make. i even have two copies of games(ps3,xbox ) just so i can play with certain friends. i can never tell a difference.

      1. not everyone is rich and can afford both systems.. most of us gamers have bills to pay and don’t have mommy and daddy forking over cash every month to pay for xbox live subscriptions..that being said ..
        ps3 > xbox360

        1. better graphics
        2. free online
        3. built in wifi (dont have to pay for the dumb chode looking antenna that costs $100 LOL)
        4. better hardware (4+ years ive had my ps3 its still running strong, most xboxs break within a year and yes i would know, i work at an internet cafe we have 100s of xboxs they break all the time even though we clean them every week)
        5. in the end A LOT cheaper than xbox

        1. Well that is the cost of gaming. Do you have any idea how much i pay a year to just golf??? Pay to play my friend. I understand not everyone can afford to have all the systems and all the games, that wasnt what i was implying. i only meant to express how pathetic it is for someone to get all worked up over a gaming system. People should be talking about the games instead.

        2. Your info is not quite accrute or up to date, Xboxs also have built in WiFi the news ones do.
          And as far as quality goes both systems have had lemons pop up here and there. Any machine will break down evetually. And compare the quality of an xbox in a internet cafe does not compare to persnonaly owning one, espcially if you you clean any computer system you could be damageing it just by cleaning it, possiably looseing componants from the motherboard. I beilive the larger selection of games for xbox is what makes the system what it is to day.

  1. the only reason i game more on the 360 is because i have more friends and family on the xbox. i play the campaign on the ps3 90% of the time on a double copy game. The point is people waste so much time in forums talking which one they think is better. Wouldnt it seem a better use of ones time to talk about the games qualities???

  2. Why is this even an argument… you terds, if you have a 360 get it on 360, if you have a ps3 get it on ps3. It’s not that hard and if you have both and prefer one over the other… get it on that console. I hate when people shit on the other console because they don’t have it or they jerk off to the console they like better.

  3. Now we need to ability to Play Via Between PS3 and Xbox 360!!! and add friends from both systems.Sony and Micro bitter enemys coming together for the greater good??!! Yeah I dont think it will ever happen either.

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