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DICE Producer Offers Charity Stream DDOSers Tour of Haitian Orphanage In Response to Attacks News 41

News 41 DICE Producer Daniel “zh1nt0” Matros is offering DDOSers of a charity stream meant to help raise money for orphaned children in Haiti a tour of the orphanage in response to their attacks. Earlier today, members of reportedly disrupted a live charity stream hosted by Matros through a distributed denial-of-service attack, leading Matros and those donating […]

Battlefield Producer Daniel Matros Live Streams For Charity News 28

News 28 Though not affiliated with Battlefield developers Digital Illusion CE (DICE), Producer Daniel Matros is hard at work (or play?) raising funds for charity and needs your help. Matros will be hanging out and live streaming various video game titles and documentary movies from his Twitch TV channel in hopes to earn a meaningful contribution to the […]

BF3 – Back to Karkand Weapon Fixes Coming Soon News 25

News 25 Back to Karkand’s recent launch hasn’t been as smooth as DICE would have ideally wanted it to be. While it’s not plagued with issues, there are some kinks here and there that still need to be ironed out. Daniel Matros has officially announced that “QBU-88 Sniper rifle and MG36-LMG in Back to Karkand [are] not acting […]

BF3 Devs Respond to 2143 Rumor, Platoon Changes, and More News 19

News 19 Many of you have already noticed the Battlefield 2143 rumors floating about the internet after screens like seen below have surfaced. Of course, fans looked to Global Community Manager, Daniel Matros, for clarification. However, it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for answers as Matros replied, “I will let the rumors linger […]

Battlefield 3 – PS3 VOIP Issues, Private Servers on Consoles, and FXAA Use “Under Discussion” News 24

News 24 Daniel Matros and Tomas Danko of the DICE team provide updates regarding PS3 VOIP issues, GUI and squad tweaks, private servers on console and FXAA use. The VOIP issue has obviously been a huge gripe that many fans have with the PS3 version of Battlefield 3. It has hindered the experience for many by not […]

BF3 – Comrose May Make it to Consoles Yet, G3A3 Fixed, and More on PC VOIP News 12

News 12 Members of DICE speak of the possibility of Comrose making it to consoles, issues with the G3A3, and more on PC VOIP. First, Community Manager, Daniel Matros, clears up some matters regarding in-game VOIP on PC. It’s been mentioned before but he once again reassures us that DICE is taking it into account. To clarify, […]

Battlefield 3 – B2K Only Servers and Color Blind Options on Consoles? And Upcoming Maintenance News 9

News 9 Daniel Matros has been answering many questions recently, including concerns of VOIP, PS3 input lag, color blind options and Back to Karkand. Many fans have been wondering if Back to Karkand-only servers would be available on consoles once the DLC has shipped, giving players the opportunity to select playlists that only take place on the […]

BF3 – DICE on Vehicle Balance, Back to Karkand Release Date, and More News 10

News 10 DICE looks to fans for feedback on vehicle balancing while a possible Back to Karkand release date may have been revealed. A rumor that has recently been confirmed to be “fake” by Daniel Matros was the speculation of Battlefield 3’s expansion pack, Back to Karkand, releasing on the 1st of December. However, it looks like […]

DICE Reveals “Next” Battlefield 3 Patch Details News 68

News 68 The Battlefield PC patch has been out for a full day now but already, fans are craving more, and perhaps rightfully so. While the November 22nd patch looked at many issues, including hefty tweaks to balancing, it still left much to be desired. Many of the more sought-after changes were left out, like the much […]

BF3 – DICE Settles Patch Note Confusion: UMP-45, G3A3, SCAR-H, Tac Light and IRNV News 21

News 21 Early this morning, a PC patch and server update was released for Battlefield 3. Of course, you can view the complete list of patch notes here. While it provided many improvements both in-game and server-side, many fans were still left wondering about the few, but important aspects that were left out such as the tactical […]

Battlefield 2143 a Possibility for Battlefield 3 DLC? And More Details on Mod Tools News 25

News 25 Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, answers questions from fans and reveals possible future DLC. Recently, Mr. Kertz took to reddit to begin some dialog with Battlefield 3 fans. Here, he answered many questions, one pertaining particularly to DLC. One fan asked if “there may be a chance of a BF 2143…” making it in as […]

BF3 – 5 Flag Maps in Back to Karkand on Consoles, DICE Puts Lead Platform Rumors to Rest, Color-blind Mode Details News 14

News 14 More details about Back to Karkand and color-bind mode in Battlefield 3 have been revealed. Also, DICE shares it’s response to recent development rumors. Besides the graphics, some of the biggest differences between the PC and console versions of Battlefield 3 are the map sizes, especially in the Conquest game type. Where you might find […]

Battlefield 3 Attempts to Enter the e-Sports Community News 4

News 4 You may remember back in the developmental stages of Battlefield 3 that DICE showed intent to craft their title to be a contender in the e-Sports community. A few weeks after it’s released, have they accomplished what they set out to do? Many e-Sport athletes(?) would argue “no,” at least not in its current state. […]

BF3 Community Manager out for MW3 CM’s Dog Tags, Balancing PDWs, and More Patch Details News 9

News 9 Recently, in a podcast with Don’t Revive Me Bro, Global Community Manager, Daniel “zh1nt0” Matros revealed his intent to follow through on a challenge provided by Modern Warfare 3’s Creative Strategist, Robert “FourZeroTwo” Bowling during GamesCon, 2011. Near the end of this podcast, Matros asked the entire Battlefield community for a very specific request: to […]

Back To Karkand Maps to Have a Separate Playlist? News 9

News 9 Update: DICE has put this issue to rest: “Sorry about earlier B2K related confusion – B2K and BF3 maps can/will be part of the same rotations. Not like BC2 Vietnam.” Conflicting reports about whether Back to Karkand maps will be included in the regular map rotation have surfaced. Roughly 10 hours ago, DICE officially announced […]

BF3 – Private Servers on Consoles? Server Slot Reservation on PC, and Dealing With Cheaters News 35

News 35 DICE took a step in the right direction when adding server browser functionality to the console version of Battlefield 3. However, one thing that is still left to be desired is the ability to create private matches. Private matches have been an important part of first-person-shooters for a while now. They offer the ability to […]

BF3 – Suppressed Weapon Bug, More Back to Karkand and Patch Details, Tac Light Nerfed News 32

News 32 More details about an upcoming patch as well as the Back to Karkand expansion pack for Battlefield 3 are being released. We still don’t know exactly when a patch for BF3 will be rolling out, but Daniel Matros has stated “we will be coming out with a fixlist next week on things we are addressing […]

BF3 – SCAR to be Nerfed, Interim Solutions for Rubber-Banding, Hardcore Servers Added, and More News 31

News 31 We’ve recently seen details of an incoming server update that DICE currently has in the works, but there are still many other issues at hand with Battlefield 3 that need to be ironed out. We’ve compiled a few things that DICE is currently looking into and that you can expect updates for in the near future […]

BF3 – Launch Issues Resolved and DICE Dev Dog Tags News 10

News 10 Battlefield 3 has been out for a full day now and is being enjoyed by millions. However, it’s launch was not a smooth experience for all. Xbox 360 servers were up and down like a roller coaster, and Russian gamers had a hard time just connecting to the MP portion of the game. You can […]

Battlefield 3 Launch Issues and New Gameplay Vids News 8

News 8 By now, many gamers in NA and other regions of the world should have their hands on Battlefield 3. As expected, a launch this big is not without its small hiccups. Limited Edition owners may have noticed that they are unable to redeem their rewards like The Physical Warfare Pack just yet. According to Daniel […]

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