Battlefield 3 – PS3 VOIP Issues, Private Servers on Consoles, and FXAA Use “Under Discussion”

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Daniel Matros and Tomas Danko of the DICE team provide updates regarding PS3 VOIP issues, GUI and squad tweaks, private servers on console and FXAA use.

The VOIP issue has obviously been a huge gripe that many fans have with the PS3 version of Battlefield 3. It has hindered the experience for many by not allowing them to effectively communicate with teammates. While we’ve yet to hear any official word of a fix for the matter, Danko assures us that “there are colleagues working on fixing the voip on PS3 right now, it’s high priority.” This is most likely as close as we’ll get to an official update at the moment, so we’ll have to make due. Danko was also recently asked if the graphical user interface and squad management will be seeing any improvements in the near future and if the number of squads on PC would ever be increased. Danko replied, “lots of GUI updates on the way, but I don’t know if we will ever increase squad count.”

Also in discussion is private servers for consoles. It looks like we will be seeing an official statement from DICE sometime soon, hopefully. Matros comments: “It’s been an ongoing discussion. We will announce decision later down the road.” Many PC fans have been asking if the FXAA post-process injector can be used freely without getting banned from playing Battlefield 3 online. Matros replied that “it’s under discussion right now.” Stay tuned to MP1st for an official response once it becomes available.

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