BF3 – Private Servers on Consoles? Server Slot Reservation on PC, and Dealing With Cheaters

DICE took a step in the right direction when adding server browser functionality to the console version of Battlefield 3. However, one thing that is still left to be desired is the ability to create private matches.

Private matches have been an important part of first-person-shooters for a while now. They offer the ability to create relaxing environments to play laid-back matches with some close friends, or extremely competitive environments for clans to duke it out with each other. They offer players the ability to specifically tailor the game to their liking, in most cases.

Many fans have been on Mr. Daniel Matros‘ case recently, bringing up these issue with the console version of BF3. Thankfully, Matros responded by saying “we’ve brought it up for discussion in house.” He continued, “I totally understand that in all perspectives and the community’s voice is being heard in our halls.” This seems to be the trend lately, with DICE really taking fan feedback to heart. It looks as though Battlefield 3 is in good hands.

As for PC users wondering about the ability to reserve server slots, Matros had this to say: “Reserved slots will come eventually for servers on PC. Main thing is to ensure backend and server stability before taking on more things that might/might not break.”

Another frustration some players have been experiencing has to do with the loudout menus not saving properly in Battlefield 3. It’s a small detail, but something that should be looked into nevertheless. Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, had this to say: “…I will take a look and see if I can’t make it a bit better.” He continued explaining, “This is a tricky one indeed. Not going to be an easy fix without breaking other things… discussions on going.”

Lastly, Matros comments on dealing with cheaters in Battlefield 3. “We ARE aware of a number of representatives of hacker/cheat groups being present on Battlelog and their accounts will be handled shortly.” However, when it comes to completely removing these cheaters from the leaderboards (which is what most players are concerned about), Matros said that it “requires a little backend engineering but it will be done.”

Are you missing private servers for Battlefield 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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