Back To Karkand Maps to Have a Separate Playlist?

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Update: DICE has put this issue to rest:
“Sorry about earlier B2K related confusion – B2K and BF3 maps can/will be part of the same rotations. Not like BC2 Vietnam.”

Conflicting reports about whether Back to Karkand maps will be included in the regular map rotation have surfaced.

Roughly 10 hours ago, DICE officially announced that “Back to Karkand will be a separate map rotation, much like BFBC2 Vietnam.” This makes sense as it would avoid the situation of a party made up of players with and without B2K having to be kicked out of a match due to some members not owning any of the maps. The Battlefield community is also large enough to handle two, or perhaps more separate playlists, something that didn’t work out too well for a game like Crysis 2.

However, in the same breath, Global Community Manager at DICE, Daniel Matros, stated the opposite when answering a fan asking the same question: will B2K maps be included in the normal map rotation? He answered, “that is the current plan, yes.” This statement is more recent than the first by about 6 hours.

We’re tempted to go with DICE’s official statement, even though it’s not as recent. It’s also fairly evident that there are two separate playlist options when selecting a server on the Battlelog, even though B2K is currently not available. What would you prefer? Would you like the Back to Karkand maps to be included in the regular rotation, or have their own playlist?

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