BF3 – DICE Settles Patch Note Confusion: UMP-45, G3A3, SCAR-H, Tac Light and IRNV

Early this morning, a PC patch and server update was released for Battlefield 3. Of course, you can view the complete list of patch notes here. While it provided many improvements both in-game and server-side, many fans were still left wondering about the few, but important aspects that were left out such as the tactical flashlights and the IRNV scope.

DICE explains:

At first, it was thought that the tactical flashlights were indeed updated, but never made it into the patch notes. However, Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE, later confirmed that “the Flashlight was NOT changed in this patch, the Patch notes are Correct,” and also that there were “no IRNV changes in this update. Planned in the future.” When asked why they have been left out, Kertz simply responded, “It wasn’t done in time.” Daniel Matros, Global Community Manager at DICE added that the “IRNV and flashlight fixes are in a later patch. Didn’t make it into this one. We found these changes to be more necessary than waiting.” Of course, many of you may remember these 3 pictures of how the tactical light was to be nerfed, posted by Kertz himself. However, Matros clarified that it “wasn’t an official ‘this will be in the patch’ kind of statement.” These statements also confirm that another patch for Battlefield 3 is in the works, besides the console updated that will be rolling out later this week. Make sure to stay tuned to MP1st via Twitter or Facebook where we will have these notes posted as they become available.

Alan Kertz also spoke further of what types of changes were made to some of our favorite Battlefield 3 weapons. Many have been curious as to why changes to the UMP-45 were left out of the patch note list when, in fact, it was not. “UMP is changed by the .45cal weapons note. PDW-R twice to note it had a unique change in addition to the group change,” Kertz clarified. When asked how could the G3A3 possibly still be useful after such a nerf, Kertz responded, “damage over range, and it’s only lost a bit of damage up close, it’s still competitive.” Kertz also assures us that the SCAR-H has been nerfed “only slightly up close. Very Slightly.” When asked is this means it will now take 4 shots up-close to kill an enemy, rather than 3, Kertz answered, “indeed. Still will be the same in hardcore though. 3 shots.”

Lastly, as a follow-up to one of our earlier posts, Daniel Matros further confirms that consoles with be receiving “3 and 5” flag Conquest maps in the upcoming Back to Karkand expansion pack, due out this December.

According to these Patch Notes, what fixes are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

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