Battlefield 3 – B2K Only Servers and Color Blind Options on Consoles? And Upcoming Maintenance

Daniel Matros has been answering many questions recently, including concerns of VOIP, PS3 input lag, color blind options and Back to Karkand.

Many fans have been wondering if Back to Karkand-only servers would be available on consoles once the DLC has shipped, giving players the opportunity to select playlists that only take place on the maps Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula and the ever-so-popular Wake Island. Matros has responded saying, “not confirmed yet. We’re working on the whole process today.” However, he did add that “that is the goal, yes.” It would make sense given the extensive selection of servers that console players already have. If you haven’t yet, check out the complete list of Back to Karkand weapons and attachments!

Other than the upcoming Back to Karkand expansion pack (available tomorrow, December 6th on PS3 and on December 13 for Xbox and PC), Matros has also been grilled on many questions regarding PS3 VOIP and input lag, two major concerns of the PS3 community currenty. So far, the only response given is that DICE is “working on them.” PC fans have also been asking if a VOIP addition will be included in the December 6 PC patch. Matros answered that “we’re keeping the voip as it is right now. By increasing to this level of functionality we would have to make the VOIP solution a part of the game installation, which we currently don’t want from a business perspective.” Included in the upcoming PC update is an option for color-blind mode. Many fans have been asking if this would ever make it to consoles as well. Matros responds, “not yet. Will try it out on PC first.”

In preparation for tomorrows PS3 release of Back to Karkand, DICE has officially announced that maintenance will be performed across all platforms, including the Battlelog, between 9:00 CET and 12:00 CET today.

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