BF3 – Launch Issues Resolved and DICE Dev Dog Tags

Battlefield 3 has been out for a full day now and is being enjoyed by millions. However, it’s launch was not a smooth experience for all. Xbox 360 servers were up and down like a roller coaster, and Russian gamers had a hard time just connecting to the MP portion of the game. You can check out our earlier reports here, which also included some awesome, early gameplay footage for those still waiting for BF3 to release.

For now, it seems like these issues have been resolved, according to Community Manager, Daniel Matros. He stated earlier today, “maintenance is now complete. Enjoy the game.” For those wondering of the cause for these outages, Matros mentions, “the maintenance earlier on 360 and all platforms was to ensure server stability and re-orgs.” Good news for Russian players: Matros recently announced, “Russian users should all now have the proper entitlement to play online. We can all be friends now,” jokingly. Regarding other issues, he also mentioned, “I’m direct messaging people [on Twitter] with solutions to issues from time to time as well as posting on devblog in Battlelog.” Meaning, the Battlelog would be a great place to keep updated on current issues and fixes. For now, it seems like most maintenance is complete and everyone should be able to enjoy the game.

On a lighter note, we’d like all Battlefielder’s to turn their attention this:










Yes, you can, indeed, take the dog tags of DICE developers. So be on the lookout! Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay Designer said earlier, “…lost my first set of DICE Dev Dogtags,” confirming that this is the case.

Let us know if you’ve taken any of these dog tags yet and what types of issues you are still experiencing with Battlefield 3 in the comment section below. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and check out Battlefield 3: A New Era for the Battlefield Franchise.

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