BF3 – SCAR to be Nerfed, Interim Solutions for Rubber-Banding, Hardcore Servers Added, and More

We’ve recently seen details of an incoming server update that DICE currently has in the works, but there are still many other issues at hand with Battlefield 3 that need to be ironed out.

We’ve compiled a few things that DICE is currently looking into and that you can expect updates for in the near future here, but you can check also out some earlier details we’ve gathered of things that will be making it into a future patch. These include updates from jets and pistols to aiming and other PDWs.

Many fans have been wondering where all the hardcore servers are! Though DICE has stated that “new BF3 hardcore servers [were] added,” they also mentioned that they are “listening and will keep you updated as [they] bring more online.” They’ve “heard that you want even more!”

Sadly, there is always a presence of cheaters when it comes to online gaming. Rest assured, DICE is looking into the situation. They had this to say. “Online play is the core of Battlefield 3 and cheating will not be tolerated. We are working to remove cheaters and their cheats.” They continued, “please rest assured that we have a dedicated team actively seeking out those users.” Daniel Matros added, “Don’t worry. Might not get them now or in a few days but cheaters and statspadders will have their accounts deleted or stats reset.”

Alan Kertz has also added that “there are some general air balance tweaks planned.” When asked if weapons like the SCAR will get nerfed as well, he replied, “7.62mm rifles will lose a bit of power up close, yes.” Fredrik Thylander mentioned that they are aware of and looking into things like lag issues on Tehran Highway and the issue of not receiving any points when repairing a vehicles from the inside. In a recent FAQ, it was also stated that,

“the DICE team is working around the clock to improve the lag and rubber-banding some users are encountering. To help mitigate it in the interim, please connect to servers near you by setting your filter to sort by “ping” and selecting the lowest-pinging server. Also, for pc users, please make sure that you don’t have any programs running in the background that requires internet connection or is streaming data.”

For now, there are some other problems that may have potential fixes that DICE would like you to know about. They have stated that “if you’re having an issue with the Physical Warfare Pack please visit EA’s Help Center and select Talk to a Game Advisor.” If you’re having trouble logging into the Battlelog, DICE suggests that “sometimes if you go play multiplayer for awhile and then come back it will log in.” For those having troubles on Origin, “if you are receiving an error stating you need to reinstall, please try right-clicking the title, and selecting repair.”

Hope some of this helps and that it gives you hope that these issues will be looked into! How badly has lag been affecting you, what do you think about the SCAR being nerfed, and are you happy to see more HC servers? Let us know down below!

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In case you missed it, check the latest patch details: Changes to Aiming, PP-2000, and Much More.

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