Battlefield 3 GamesCon News Roundup

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Obviously, a lot of new information about Battlefield 3 became available during GamesCon 2011. Luckily, has rounded up all the statistics known thus far. They are as follows:

General news

  • Team Deathmatch will support 24 players on all platforms.
  • PC won’t have in-game server browser, but consoles will.
  • Co-op was shown, but there is no couch  co-op.
  • List of all the confirmed weapons, vehicles, 9 Maps
  • 2 Conquest modes: Conquest and Conquest 64 (PC Only).
  • The game will ship with 9 maps (excluding Back To Karkand DLC).
  • PC version is designed for ALT-TAB between game and Battlelog. There is no splash screen or loading menu or login page — it goes directly into the game.
  • PC version will get “Ultra” graphics quality setting
  • Hardcore mode will return in Battlefield 3
  • Infantry-only setting will return as well

Batlefield 3 game modes confirmed:

  • Conquest
  • Conquest 64
  • Rush
  • Squad Rush
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Squad Deathmatch

Gameplay features

  • Commo Rose has been confirmed. DICE is working on a console version of Commo Rose as well.
  • 3D spotting has been revised.
  • Motion sensors are back, but cannot be thrown, and have to be deployed.
  • The EOD bot can be used to arm MCOMs, repair vehicles and disarm mines.
  • Players can spawn on any squad member now, but DICE is looking into it.
  • Kill-cam is back.
  • Jet max height is 1000m (same as BF2).
  • Jets will be available on consoles as well.
  • Bullets from different weapons have different velocity speeds, bullet drop is back as well.
  • Weapons are faction specific, but you can unlock other faction’s weaponsonce your rank up high enough.
  • Weapon silencers will be available on almost all weapons except shotguns.
  • Assault rifles with long, high-zoom scopes will have “glint” as well.
  • Claymores are back. You can crouch past them, but have to use explosives to blow up claymores and mines.
  • Vehicles will have regenerative health until being disabled.


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