Battlefield 3 Gets Double XP for the Duration of Gamescom 2013

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In Typical DICE fashion, the studio – currently hard at work on Battlefield 4 – will be showing a little love to 2011’s Battlefield 3 by hitting that Double XP switch for the duration of the week, giving all players the chance to rank up twice as fast during the events of this year’s Gamescom.

DICE writes in a recent blog update:

To celebrate the show, we’re turning gamescom week into double XP week for all Battlefield 3 players! Join our gamescom updates here on the blog, then hop onto the Battlefield for a total of 120 hours’ worth of double XP. The double XP event starts August 21 at 2AM PST / 11 AM CEST (click link for a handy time zone table) and ends on August 26, 120 hours later.

The details are as follows:

Starts: August 21 at 2AM PST / 11 AM CEST
Ends: August 26 at 2AM PST / 11 AM CEST
Length: 120 Hours
Who: ALL Battlefield 3 Players, All Platforms
Where: Any Ranked Server

Remember, DICE will also be showing off some brand new Battlefield 4 goodness at Gamecom 2013 with a brand new map and game mode, so keep an eye out!

Thanks, Dead-Sync, for the catch.