Battlefield 3 Hidden Patch Notes for December 6th PC Update

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A patch for Battlefield 3 players on the PC was released earlier today, along side the release of Back to Karkand for PS3 owners, looking at a number of bugs, gameplay issues, and balance tweaks. If you haven’t yet, check out the complete list of patch notes here. Interestingly, a few changes that have taken place in-game did not make it into this recent list of fixes. Fortunately for us, reddit user forkkkd has compiled a list of these hidden changes that you may or may not be aware of.


So far I’ve come across a few changes that I am pretty sure were not in the changelog, post any you find here ^

  • ‘H’ key now changes chat between the following options:

-Hidden (chat does not come up ever)
-Pop-up (old styled pop up when chat is active)
-On (always on)

  • Vehicle sensitivity slider is now in options
  • Icons/names now flash when using ‘Q’
  • Disable threshold reduced to around 37hp for air vehicles [more info on ground vehicles needed]
  • Tower on Caspian now collapses near the end of rounds
  • Player pings now displayed on the scoreboard (your own is not)
  • No longer spawn at main when spawn selection is unavailable [needs confirmation]
  • TV guided on helicopters mostly fixed (just don’t move the mouse when you fire)
  • TV guided turning speed lowered
  • CITV look movement tweaked
  • UI.DrawEnable now enables/disables UI

New bugs:

  • End of round scores show wrong Victory/Defeat message
  • Animations (ladder/knife) are stuttery/jumpy when the network buffer is modified

Are there any other changes you have noticed that were either missed here or in the original patch notes? Let us know in the comments below!

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