Battlefield 3 Premium July Soldier Upgrade 2 Now Live

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New content for Battlefield 3 Premium owners is now live across the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

This exclusive content drop for members of Battlefield 3 Premium contains new specialist assignments for the F2000, Scar H, PKP Pecheneg and L96 weapons, as well as four new soldier camos. Once an specialist assignment is completed, you get a brand new camo added to either your soldier or your weapon.

In case your wondering what these challenges/camos are, look no further:

  • F2000 Specialist:
    • 100 Kills With F2000
    • 50 Squad Revives
    • 20 Kills With M26 MASS
    • Unlocks: F2000 Woodland Oak Camo
  • Scar H Specialist:
    • 100 Kills With Scar H
    • 20 With M15 AT Mine
    • Destroy 5 Enemy Air Vehicles With AT Launcher
    • Unlocks: Scar H Berkut Camo
  • PKP Pecheneg Specialist:
    • 100 Kills With PKP Pecheneg
    • Destroy 25 Vehicles With C4
    • 25 Kills With M18 Claymore
    • Unlocks: PKP Pecheneg Tactical Camo
  • L96 Specialist:
    • 100 Kills With L96
    • 50 MAV Spot Assist
    • 350 Meter Head Shot With L96
    • Unlocks: L96 Woodland Camo
  • Only For The Dedicated:
    • Get 500 Kills With Assault Kit
    • Get 500 Kills With Engineer Kit
    • Get 400 Kills With Support Kit
    • Get 300 Kills With Recon Kit
    • Unlocks: Blue Digital Camo For US Faction/Woodland Stripe For Russian Faction

In addition to the two unlockable soldier camos, the Desert Stripe Camo for the US faction and the Digital Woodland Camo for the Russian Faction are automatically unlocked and ready for use as soon as you start playing Battlefield 3.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and see you on the battlefield, and as always … Happy Gaming!