Battlefield 3 Premium Members May Gain Access to Battlefield 4 Beta, According to Rumors

Battlefield 3 Premium members may be in luck after all when it comes to the upcoming Battlefield 4 beta.

Taking place in Fall 2013, the Battlefield 4 beta will be accessible by any and all who got their hands on the limited edition of Danger Close’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter. As of yet, this has been the only officially announced route to gaining entrance to the Battlefield 4 beta. It has, however, been stated by community manager Ian Tornay that additional ways would eventually be announced.

According to reports found in the forum of Russian Battlefield site MyBattlefield, Battlefield 3 Premium members will also be allowed to participate in the beta. Now, this sounds like it should be a given, but up to this point, it has never officially been stated that Premium members would be allowed access.

According to the image below, EA Origin Russia listsĀ “exclusive access to the beta version of Battlefield 4” (translated into English) as a perk to being a Premium member.


With the unveiling of Battlefield 4 right around the corner, it would not be far fetched for DICE and EA to make such an announcement. We’ll surely hear more about the beta this Tuesday, so keep your sights locked on MP1st!

Via, MP1st Forums.

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