Battlefield 3 PS3 Input Lag Update In The Works?

A while back, we reported on some suggested fixes for input lag issues found on the PS3 version of Battlefield 3. While there was a bit of confusion surrounding some of the steps suggested by Senior Gameplay designer Alan Kertz, he recently clarified further and revealed what the team is working on to help alleviate the issues.

Much of the confusion was regarding AA and vsync features on the PS3 and how they can be tweaked to help reduce input lag. Kertz was recently asked via Twitter to clarify: “I remember back a while, you thought the latest patch allowed PS3 players to disable v-sync.. is this in the works?” asked one fan in particular. Kertz’s response was rather surprising: “It’s part of an update we’ve been working on, it’s combined AA and vsync if I understand right should reduce lag for affected gamers.” While it may not be surprising that DICE is looking into the situation, this is the first time we’ve heard anything about an actual update for PS3 users.

If there is indeed something in the works, it most likely won’t be making it into the upcoming general patch, but might be included in a future PS3-specific patch, much like the last PS3 VoIP update.

Speaking of updates, a small backend update recently went live this morning in order to lay the groundwork for the upcoming big patch. You can read more about it here.

Do you think a fix for PS3 users is finally in the works? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to follow MP1st on Twitter and Facebook for further updates!

A big thanks to Chris for the tip!

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