Battlefield 4 Beta PC Patch Addresses Crash and Performance Issues

PC players currently enjoying the Battlefield 4 Beta can look forward to a small update the next time they log in to the game.

DICE has rolled out a new patch that looks into addressing some of the key performance issues related to the PC versions of the game. It will also help alleviate some of the crashing problems some users may have been experiencing.

Check out the full list of patch notes below:

Battlefield 4 PC Patch – October 10

  • Two fixes for the long/permanent loading times
  • Various improvements in performance for users running quad core or six core CPU’s
  • Fixed a crash that happened for some dual core CPU users after loading
  • Fixed a crash relating to DirectX10 graphics cards
  • Various stability fixes
  • Various crash fixes

If you’ve already been playing with the latest patch, notice any improvements?

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