Battlefield 4 – Commander Mode In Detail

In the latest entry of DICE’s Battlefield Blog, the team details everything you need to know about Commander Mode in Battlefield 4.

As you know, DICE is bringing back the mode that was first introduced in Battlefield 2 as a way to act as a commander with a complete overview of the Battlefield via a top-down, tactical map where he or she could issue commands or aid teammates in a number of ways.

Early Battlefield 2 Commander Mode Mock-Ups

BF2-Protoype BF2-Protoype2 BF2-Protoype3


Commander Mode in Battlefield 4

[youtube id=”dgZTeVnM5Sw” width=”618″ height=”378″]

DICE writes that some of Lead Multiplayer Designer Thomas Andersson’s major goals were to create interesting Commander vs. Commander gameplay and to keep things accessibile, especially on multiple platforms. According to Andersson, Commander Mode on mobile devices will be on par with the console and PC versions.

Interestingly, unlike in Battlefield 2, Battlefield 4 Commanders will not have the possibility of switching between Commander Mode and a 1st-person soldier mode. Commander Mode is a full-time job, as they put it. This should ensure the Commander’s dedication to the entire team for the length of the match.

Now let’s check out some of that assets at the Commander’s disposal, of which there are two; the squad loop and the main Commander assets loop.

The basic set up includes UAVs and EMPs, as well as the Cruise Missile Warning, which will warn teammates of the location and blast radius of the incoming strike.

Using GTA’s classic “wanted stars” system as an inspiration, you’ll also be able to point out high value targets on the opposing team, giving your team a particular enemy to focus on (any enemy with a killstreak of 6 or higher). At the moment, the enemy’s location is relayed to your team for 45 seconds, which might change at the final release. This new mechanic will allow teammate to earn more points by following these orders.

Main Assests Loop

The Cruise Missile

launched from fixed positions on the map, they will fly at cruising altitude before dropping in an arc at the designated point, wiping out anything in the vicinity. Their power is substantial, and this is why a good Commander will use the Cruise Missile Warning asset whenever possible.

Two types of Map Scans

Vehicle and Infantry Scan, used for long-term highlighting of enemy units on the map for your team.

Finally, the AC-130 Gunship

as seen in the Commander Mode videos and in BF3’s Armored Kill, this powerful plane provides ground support from multiple weapons, as well as a mobile spawn point covering a large section of the map.

Squad Loop

Squad Promotion

Boost the squad members’ individual field upgrade bars towards the next unlock.

Vehicle Drop

Deploy a Quad Bike or a light Boat (depending on terrain) via parachute.

Rapid Deploy

Cut the squad’s spawn time in half for a fixed period of time.

Supply Drop

Deploy a large crate that will heal, resupply and repair friendly units. In addition, friendly units will be able to change kits on the field which we think is an interesting tactical addition to the game.

Are you guys excited for the return of Commander Mode?

Sourcre: Battlefield Blog.


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