Battlefield 4 Community Unites To Unlock Secrets Of The “Phantom Bow”, More Final Stand Easter Eggs

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One step closer, JackFrags and his troupe have managed to get the elevator to the “Phantom Room” working. All that’s left is the code…

Watch their reactions below:

Original Story

The secrets of the Battlefield 4 Premium’s Phantom Program are beginning to unravel as keen members of the Battlefield community attempt to decode the last and final phase presented in the just-released Final Stand DLC.

As you may have already gathered, the ultimate reward for completing all of the Phantom Program’s assignments, available only to Battlefield 4 Premium members, appears to be the “Phantom”, a compound bow that fits in the primary weapon slot and sports three different arrow heads as ammunition.

Thanks to BattleRushGaming and DANNYonPC, we now know where to find the bow. The question is how to access it and how to find the Battlelog password that unlocks the fourth Phantom Program Assignment?

Here are the original videos that kicked off the investigation:

JackFrags‘ video featured above the post does a good job wrapping everything up and also includes a number of other nifty easter eggs included in the Final Stand DLC. Definitely give them all a watch and, if you want to get involved in the hunt, check out the official Phantom Program thread on Reddit.

Lastly, since the Phantom Bow is unlocked on private servers, users have been toying around with it and getting a feel for the new weapon. Leave it to LevelCapGaming to present an in-depth weapon guide with solid stats, arrow type analysis, and aiming techniques. You can watch his video below:

Now, good luck finding out how to unlock it! What do you think of the new Phantom weapon as a reward for completing Battlefield 4’s Phantom Program (we assume)?