Battlefield 4 Confirmed to be Set In Modern Day, Bad Company Series Not Dead

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DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson took the stage today at GDC Europe where he shed some light details on Battlefield 4 and the Bad Company series.

For those who were hoping that Battlefield 4 would be taking place during a different time era, you’ll be disappointed to know that DICE will be sticking with the Modern Day setting.

“We still want to stay in this genre, the modern day as it is. We feel this is a place we can be and continue with the series. Battlefield 4 can live in this space and be very successful.” Karl said, “There’s a lot of things inspiring us as to how the franchise will move on. Everything from fans’ feedback, to market research and, of course, what we want to build ourselves. It’s not just one single thing.”

And speaking of the Bad Company franchise, Karl did touch upon this, however it wasn’t anything really new from what was said in mid July of this year. He explained, “that doesn’t mean there might not be a Bad Company game again in the future.”

Are you happy Battlefield 4 will be set in a modern time era once again? Were you hoping for something different?

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