Battlefield 4 – DICE Details New Improvements Coming to Rush, Netcode, and Core Gameplay

Battlefield 4 developer DICE is keeping up a pretty transparent demeanor when it comes to upcoming tweaks and changes the studio has in the works. Luckily, the game’s Community Test Environment is producing some pretty favorable results, and so the team has some positive notes to share.

This week’s update includes details on some of the upcoming improvements to the Rush game mode as well as core gameplay. DICE also notes that they are continuing work on Battlefield 4’s “netcode,” in addition to the game’s recent netcode update that began hitting PC and next-gen consoles late last month.

As seen on the most recent Battlefield Blog update, here are the specifics on these changes:

Improving Netcode

“Making improvements to the “Netcode” in Battlefield 4 has been a top priority for us. Some of the items we’ve been specifically looking at is how to decrease the feeling of getting killed when behind cover and getting killed without initially seeing a damage indicator. The improvements we did were released in June, and we’re looking at testing out additional fixes during the coming months.”

Core Gameplay

“The core gameplay initiative has started, and in the first phase, we’re looking at making improvements and fixes related to the new Dragon’s Teeth expansion pack. One of the main items that we wanted to test was the all-new Ballistics Shield, and based on the feedback that we received we made the following changes that’ll make it for the release of Dragon’s Teeth:”

  • Shield bash damage has been tweaked, it is no longer possible to one-hit kill enemies. The Ballistics shield now better matches with the initial design intent
  • Single tank AP-rounds now kill those carrying the Ballistics Shield, something that previously wasn’t possible.

Rush Tweaks

“If you’re a fan of Rush, you’ll want to jump into the CTE and try out the new changes we’re currently testing on the Siege of Shanghai, Zavod 311 and Operation Locker to start. The main focus of these changes has been to increase the balance and flow of the Rush round. Often, this means making it easier for the attackers to tackle certain MCOMs. Some general tweaks have also been made, such as:”

  • Commander has been removed by default in Rush
  • Radar sweep has been reduced around attackers base
  • Many per map specific changes, MCOM placement and cover passes.

Other Improvements

“Apart from these bigger initiatives, here are some of the areas of improvements that we will be looking at in the future:”

  • General Weapon tweaks/balance
  • Weapon Suppression tuning
  • 3P Head-flinch dampening
  • Visual recoil ADS tuning
  • Vehicle tuning/balance
  • Game modes: Rush, Continued tweaks to Obliteration Competitive and Conquest small
  • HUD improvements and bug fixes

If you’re a big fan of Battlefield’s Rush game mode, you’re likely quite happy to hear about some of the upcoming improvements. We sure are, and we hope this focus continues in future Battlefield titles as well. It’s also nice to see continuing work on Battlefield 4’s suppression mechanics, an area that has already seen a few tweaks recently.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Battlefield 4 updates, including news on the game’s upcoming Dragon’s Teeth DLC.

What are your thoughts on the incoming tweaks detailed above?

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