Battlefield 4 – DICE Outlines Reward, Scoring and Unlock System

Battlefield 4 is filled with stuff – stuff to earn, stuff to unlock, and stuff to show off.

To help wrap your head around it all, developers DICE have put together a comprehensive blog post detailing everything you need to know about Battlefield 4’s reward, scoring and unlock system.

You can catch a summary below of the tweaks and changes DICE is making to Battlefield 4’s systems, but we recommend heading over to the official Battlefield Blog for even more details. It’s a good and interesting read.

Reward and Unlock Summary


  • Earned at set scores total in multiplayer, goes from Rank 1 to 100.
  • Ultimate goal: Reach Colonel 100.


  • 45 Ribbons, tied to one Medal each.
  • 45 Medals, tied to one Ribbon each.
  • Example: Attack Helicopter Medal – Receive 50 Attack Helicopter Ribbons.


  • Shows dedication in specific areas.
  • 130 unique Service Stars earnable.
  • Each can be obtained 100 times, for a total of 13,000 attainable Service Stars.
  • Example: Stealth Jet Service Star – Reach the end of the Stealth Jet unlock tree.


  • Multi-layered tasks to perform.
  • 45 multiplayer Assignments available, divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold.
  • Rewards include dog tags, vehicle paints, and weapons.
  • Example: Assault Combat Basic – Reach Rank 10, get 7 kills with Assault Rifles, get 11 Heals with Medkit.


  • Score is directly related to ranking up and gaining new weapons, gadgets, and accessories, this is where the foundation for the online career is set in place.
  • Now, as soon as you attempt to capture a flag or arm an objective, the points will start ticking into your account, even if the overall attempt might fail.
  • In Obliteration, you’ll be granted quite a large sum of points for doing pivotal actions like running with the bomb, arming it at an objective, or killing the enemy bomb carrier.
  • Scoring in itself is one of the major ways for Commanders to verify that they are making a critical impact in their team’s struggle on the Battlefield.
  • A new concept in Battlefield 4 is that of KILL ASSIST COUNTS AS KILL.
  • Performing team actions within a squad will net you score towards your own progression, but will also benefit the entire squad.


  • Weapons, gadgets, and accessories are awarded to you for using items from the same family in multiplayer.
  • Unlocks are not tied to the class you play. Killing, assisting and suppressing with a weapon will give you more unlocks from the same weapon class.
  • The default weapons and vehicles will be starting with a few essential unlocks already from scratch to make sure the fight is balanced no matter when you join the game – right at launch or later


  • Battlepacks are randomized bundles of content that are awarded at certain Ranks.
  • At certain ranks, you’ll get a handful of items, but you’ll never know exactly what you’ll get or in what order.
  • Depending on your actual Rank, you’ll be awarded a Battlepack of either Bronze, Silver or Gold Rank.
  • Items in Battlepacks include things like weapon accessories, weapon paints, vehicle paints, soldier camos, dog tags, XP boosts, and unique knife designs.
  • The weapon accessories earnable in Battlepacks are not game-changing in any way, as they are simply cosmetic variants of accessories you can already unlock via the normal weapon progression.

Definitely some cool tweaks to the reward, unlock and scoring system. What are some of your favorite points?

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