In-Game Screens [and Video] of Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC Weapons [Updated]

Battlefield 4‘s fourth multiplayer expansion, Dragon’s Teeth, is still likely a ways out from launch, but already we’re picking up bits and pieces of details.

We spotted some brand new key art earlier in the week, later confirmed to be official, but are now getting our first peek at Dragon’s Teeth weapon offerings thanks to users like hattiwatti.

Below are three sets of screens showing off the Unica 6 Magnum, MPX Personal Defense Weapon, and CS5 Sniper Rifle, all gathered by hattiwatti. Exactly how the weapons were unlocked, we’re not certain, but it’s likely some tampering with the game files was involved.

Check them out.

Unica 6 Magnum

MPX Personal Defense Weapon

CS5 Sniper Rifle

We’ll update the gallery with any more weapon screens that sneaky members of the Battlefield 4 community might find.


Check out some in-game footage of the Unica 3, Desert Eagle, Ballistic Shield, CS5, Bulldog, SIG MPX, and “Wall-E” in action, courtesy of DANNYonPC.

[youtube id=”FcNziT0mfn8″]

Yesterday, we got our first look at the Desert Eagle and Ballistic shield, which we learned will also be offered up as a part of the DLC’s new weapon set.

We’ve still no word of Dragon’s Teeth official launch date, but we do know that we’ll get to see some of the first gameplay in action next week, says DICE.

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