BF4 Dragon’s Teeth – Team America Reference Pokes Fun at Former North Korean Leader

Former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il isn’t immune to a bit of satirical humor in Battlefield 4’s just-released DLC, Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth.

The reference can be spotted on the base of Kim Jong Il’s statue in Propaganda, a map set in North Korea. The writing is in Korean, of course, but its translation is awfully similar to a verse sung by the former North Korean leader in a scene from the satirical comedy Team America: World Police.

Battlefield YouTube personalities LachlanCotter and JackFrags got the translation:

Here’s the scene in Team America: World Police with Kim Jong Il, played by Trey Parker, singing those words. Obviously, NSFW due to language.

[youtube id=”UEaKX9YYHiQ\”]

Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth is currently rolling out on all platforms for all Battlefield 4 Premium members and will be making its way to non-Premium members on July 29 for $14.99.

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