Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Hunters Discover Giant Megalodon Easter Egg

In what seemed like the wildest goose chase (or shark chase) in video game history, Battlefield 4 easter egg hunters can now rest easy after having discovered one of the game’s biggest secrets.

This of course is none other than the elusive Megalodon easter egg, or giant shark easter egg, for which the hunt began way back in December. Reddit user Tee_Hee_Wat appears to have discovered the location of the easter egg after compiling a number of cryptic poems that appeared after Naval Strike’s launch.

The easter egg can be found on the DLC’s Nansha Strike map. See it in action in the videos below and find out how to activate it:

[youtube id=”V-WladmrdNQ”]

[youtube id=”7HJ3eFgVYqY”]

[youtube id=”965RXX3gsKU”]

Have you tried it yourself yet? Which Battlefield 4 easter egg has been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comment section below!

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