Battlefield 4 Final Stand – Find Out How To Unlock The “Phantom Bow”

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After hours of investigation following the launch of Battlefield 4’s enigmatic Final Stand DLC, members of the Battlefield community have discovered the secrets of the “Phantom Bow”, a new weapon offered to only the most experienced operatives (and only those who happen to own Battlefield 4 Premium).

If you’re not quite caught up on how the hunt began, check out our earlier post here.

Battlefield YouTuber DANNYonPC sent us a clip of him and his gang unlocking the bow:

JackFrags offers another video with a thorough explanation of how it’s done:

Here’s the Imgur Album referenced in both videos offering a guide to where you might find those hidden Finals Stand dog tags for yourself, if you want to get head start on completing the necessary steps to unlock the bow.

Along with the new Compound Bow weapon, those who enter the “Phantom Room” will also have the chance to unlock a fourth Phantom Assignment called “Phantom Operative”. The secrets it might hold are another story all together! Perhaps more content than we might expect is in store for Battlefield 4? As we learned earlier, DICE LA won’t be abandoning the shooter any time soon.

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