Battlefield 4 – Game Breaking “Death Shield” Bug Blocks Projectiles With Invisible Hit Box

A newly discovered bug may be the cause of some of those inexplainable moments of frustration that you sometimes experience in Battlefield 4.

Ever fire a bullet, throw a grenade, or launch an RPG at an enemy only to experience a negative effect, despite a clear hit? As it turns out, that particular instance may be linked to a game breaking bug with Battlefield 4’s revive system.

As YouTube personality Jack Frag points out with a few fellow team members, it appears that the hit box of a downed but revivable soldier can actually continue to block projectiles, including even tank shells.

In Battlefield 4, there is a short period of time after a soldier dies that he or she is able to accept a revive from a fellow soldier equipped with defibrillators. Once the countdown period expires, a dead soldier will not be able to accept a revive any longer. Death from explosives, however, will kill a soldier outright with no chance for revival.

With this new discovery, it appears that projectiles fired from live soldiers will pass over a completely dead soldier without trouble, as it should be. But it’s a dead soldier waiting for a revive that seems to be causing the trouble if it happens to be in the way of your aim. It’s likely most noticeable on maps with narrow corridors like Operation Locker or Operation Métro.

You can catch the bug in action below for a better picture:

[youtube id=”0IRIbIMO0SY”]

Your expression right now is probably something like, “So, that’s why!” It appears that developer DICE has yet to acknowledge the bug as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted with updates.

UPDATE: According to DICE QA Lead, a fix for the bug is being looked into.

Have you ever experienced something like this in Battlefield 4?

Thanks, Rhys96, for the tip!

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