Battlefield 4 Gamescom Info Round-Up

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YouTubers Leutin09, LevelCapGaming and TheWestie4321 pick apart some of the latest Battlefield 4 gameplay to find some interesting tid bits of information.

DICE is introducing a number of new elements to the Battlefield, a lot of which has been revealed and showcased here in Cologne, Germany at Gamescom 2013. There’s a lot you may have missed, so check out the videos below to get all caught up on the latest Battlefield 4 info.

Also, keep your sights right here as we update with more videos throughout the week.

Last Man Standing, Map-Specific Weapons and Weapon Camo Info

Dynamic Weather and Naval Combat

Defibs, 4-Second Charge

Commander and DICE Servers

Weapon Lists and Stats

Paracel Storm Hidden Details

Obliteration and Domination Details, More on Squads, Spectator on Next-Gen Consoles

New Reloading Mechanics