Battlefield 4 – Hidden Phantom Trainee Challenge Unlocked

With the Battlefield 4 community discovering how to unlock the mysterious Phantom Prospect challenge after being stumped by it for some time, they’ve met the same problem with the latest Phantom Program challenge to appear, Phantom Trainee.

Until today.

YouTuber Ambient Flush recently explained how to unlock the Phantom Trainee challenge. He revealed that in order to unlock it, you just have to follow the simple steps below:

How To Unlock Phantom Trainee Challenge:

  • Go to leaderboards
  • Click the skull on left bottom
  • Wait for texting asking for password
  • Once the text appears the password is : EPIC DREAM WORLDS

However, in order to unlock Phantom Trainee challenge, you must also first unlock the previous challenge, Phantom Prospect.

Upon unlocking the Phantom Trainee challenge you will have to complete the following set of challenges in order to be rewarded with the Phantom camo for your weapon and vehicles:

  • Score 200 kills with pistols
  • Score 20 kills in a jet
  • Get 2x Shotgun Ribbons in a round

Battlefield 4

Thanks, SteveTheDude

Are you going to complete the Phantom Trainee challenge?

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