Battlefield 4 Maps In Real Life

Ever wonder how strictly Battlefield 4‘s multiplayer maps are based off of real world locations?

You’d be surprised with a few of these real life comparisons that we stumbled upon.

Major Kudos to Redditor SuperJoeBros who has compiled an entire Imgur album of real world images that correlate almost exactly with the majority of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer maps.

A few locations like Dawnbreaker, Flood Zone, Hainan Resort, and Operation Locker were missing, so we did a bit of Googling and found a few images that matched as best we could. It seems we’re a bit out of luck when it comes to maps like Flood Zone and Operation Locker, though we do know the the penitentiary featured in Operation Locker is located in the Kunlun Mountains.

Check out what we got below and, if you’re interested, you can check out an older but similar post for Battlefield 3’s multiplayer maps right here.

Dawnbreaker (Victoria Harbor)


Source: Google.

Golmud Railway (Qinghai–Tibet Railway)


Hainan Resort (Hainan Island)


Source: Google.

Lancang Dam (Xiaowan Dam)


Paracel Storm (Paracel Islands)


Rogue Transmission (Arecibo Observatory)


Seige of Shanghai (Shanghai Tower)


Zavod 311 (Malyshev Factory)


Zavod 311 (Malyshev Factory – Colored)


Source: Imgur. Thanks, mothfukle.

Pretty neat, right? With that, we want to know what real life locations you think would make a pretty good Battlefield multiplayer map. Let us know in the comment section below!

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