Battlefield 4 Marketing Reveals The “Drone Strike Expansion Pack” Pre-Order Bonus [Updated]

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Additional Battlefield 4 marketing material has been spotted, revealing the “Drone Strike Expansion Pack,” available to those who pre-order Battlefield 4.

Previously, along with the unveiling of Battlefield 4 and it’s release time frame of Fall 2013, DICE and EA also announced the “Premium Expansion Pack” as a Battlefield 4 pre-order bonus.

No information as to what type of content the Premium DLC might include was given and it’s unclear if the Drone Strike Expansion Pack is an entirely new set of second DLC, or an alternative name for the aforementioned Premium Expansion Pack, which is a fairly vague name to begin with.

Take a look at the poster below, announcing the “Drone Strike Expansion Pack” for Battlefield 4.


We’ve sent word to EA for clarification.


DICE has confirmed that “Drone Strike” is, in fact, the working title for the previously mentioned Premium expansion pack awarded to those who pre-order Battlefield 4.

Thanks, Colonel Ramirez.