Battlefield 4 – Moving Objectives, Counter-Knife Tweaked For Final Build and More

As we inch closer to Battlefield 4‘s official release only a few days away, we’re learning more about the final build of the game and how it differs from the beta that took place early October.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to read up on all the improvements that Battlefield 4 developers DICE announced they will be making to the final game right here.

Through some new footage published by YouTube personality JackFrags where he gives some of his own impressions regarding the final build of the game, we’ve learned a few interesting new facts.

Jack mentions that on at least one map, Golmud Railway in particular, the Conquest design will feature a moving objective point. In this case, an objective, or flag, that is stationed on top of a moving train, will actually move closer to the team that has that point captured, producing a tug-of-war-like effect between the two opposing forces. Seige of Shanghai, the map we got to play in the beta, was similar in that while it didn’t move in any sort of direction on the map, it did change elevation once the sky scraper it was perched on was destroyed.

The newly introduced counter-knife mechanic has been refined to no longer allow users to “spam” the knife button for easy kills. It was generally agreed upon that in the beta, it was rather easy to rapidly hit the knife button during a knife animation in order to effortlessly turn the situation around. Now, users must hit the key during a short prompt that pop’s up, giving you a smaller chance to get the timing right. Hitting the key before or after will result in a failed knife reversal.

There are a few other interesting bits of info, but we’ll let JackFrags explain in his video below. Check it out:

[youtube id=”Vw9BgWR9qBg” width=”618″ height=”378″]

As JackFrags mentions in his video, look forward to some next-gen Battlefield 4 gameplay on October 29.

What are your thoughts on moving objective points and the tweaks DICE has made to the counter-knife mechanic? Let us know in the comments!

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