Battlefield 4 Naval Strike – DICE Explains New Game Mode, Carrier Assault

Naval Strike is coming to Battlefield 4 late March for Premium members and is bringing with it new maps, weapons, assignments, and Achievements/Trophies.

What a handful of long-time Battlefield fans are looking forward to the most, however, is the return of Battlefield 2142’s Titan mode, reimagined in Naval Strike as “Carrier Assault”. Instead of hovering dreadnaught space ships called Titans, players will battle over land and sea to establish good ground from where their attack on the enemy’s naval carrier will commence.

“There are two ways of destroying the enemy carrier: either by full map control or assaulting the carrier as infantry,” says DICE lead gameplay designer Gustav Halling in a recent Battlefield Blog update. He explained that each round is divided into two stages. Both teams start the match on their own carrier and race to control the map by capturing missile launch pads in specific locations. “This will automatically launch missiles towards the enemy carrier throughout the round, eventually destroying its hull and making it open for infantry attacks,” he says.

In stage two, the carrier assault begins. “The team can then either drive a boat out to the carrier and climb aboard, or use the parachute spawn points above it,” he explains. “Once inside, the team must destroy two M-COM stations, which will open up new areas to the carrier, with the engine room being the final one.”

While it was important for the team to really get the end game right, where both teams are attacking each other’s carriers, halling said that they also “wanted to keep control of the map important, so a team which is having trouble pushing through inside the enemies’ carrier can still win the level by defending their own carrier while controlling the missile launchers.”

[youtube id=”0x9m58Vol1c”]

Carrier Assault may be a hommage to a classic Battlefield game mode, but Halling says that the differences in setting and time period “make Carrier Assault a fresh experience, and we hope you will get the same thrill out of parachute-spawning down to a carrier as you did when blasting off in a rocket pod towards a Titan”.

Were you a big fan of Titan mode in Battlefield 2142? Excited to see its return in Naval Strike?

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