Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Map Layouts Leaked

We’re counting down the days until the third expansion for Battlefield 4, Naval Strike, is released sometime this month for Premium Members.

Meanwhile, bits and pieces of information regarding the ocean-themed add-on have been slowly released/leaked over the past few weeks, such as weapon assignments, achievements and the first images of Naval Strike’s 4 maps, as well as the DLC’s levolution events and Carrier Mode details.

Now, thanks to Reddit user BlueberryCentral, we can add the layout overviews of all four Naval Strike maps; Lost Island, Nansha Strike, Operation Mortar and Wave Breaker on to that list. Checkout these layout images below.

Lost Island


Nansha Strike


Operation Mortar


Wave Breaker


Although there’s no official set date for Naval Strike’ launch for Premium Members, an Origin slip-up revealed that March 18 might be most likely.

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