Battlefield 4 Premium Members Get Naval Strike Today, New Battlelog Update

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With the exception of the PC version that we recently is being delayed with no ETA as of yet, Battlefield 4’s third multiplayer expansion centered around intense naval combat is arriving today for Battlefield 4 Premium members.

Users on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 can expect the new content, a 4.3 GB download, to roll out throughout the day. Non-Premium members will be able get their hands on Naval Strike April 8 for $14.99.

As of this writing, Battlefield 4’s social stat-tracking service, the Battlelog, has also undergone a bit of an update to reflect the following changes:

  • Battlelog now supports the Naval Strike expansion pack for Battlefield 4. The content will be enabled as the release is rolled out on the various platforms.
  • The video background has now been enabled by default; you can turn it off for specific computers by going to Settings
  • Carrier Assault will not display scores in Live Scoreboard and BattleScreen; this will be fixed with the next Battlelog update in 2 weeks

Features & Improvements

  • Added a new background and video background to celebrate the release of Naval Strike
  • Added a refresh button to all the Multiplayer pages (except for Play Now), including Favorites and History
  • 15 new ranks have been added to Platoons, so you can now reach rank 25 with your Platoon
  • Console Rent-a-Server owners (once released for the respective platform) can now upload their server banner image on Battlelog
  • The Battle Reports dropdown in the header now shows the platform that the round was played on.
  • You can now see Gadgets on the Unlocks -> Weapons page
  • You can now see if items are unlocked by Premium or Battlepacks on the Stats -> Weapons and Unlocks -> Weapons pages
  • You will now see a confirmation prompt when trying to leave a Platoon; for the original founder, the button will now instead say “Disband” and will also see a confirmation prompt when trying to disband the Platoon.
  • Various pixels pushed for better looks and alignment on the Server Info page
  • Various minor improvements and tweaks


  • No longer possible to equip AA mines alongside rocket launchers in Loadout
  • Fixed an issue where code would be written to chats under some circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where the new player experience flow would show on every login for some console players
  • Fixed an issue with Platoon feed sticky posts that weren’t set correctly; the page will now also instantly update to reflect the change
  • Fixed an issue with the details box on Unlocks -> Vehicles, where it would sometimes overlap the footer
  • Fixed some emblem shapes default colors, that were shown as black instead of white
  • Various fixes for the unlock requirements shown in Loadout, which wasn’t always correctly set
  • Fixed an issue on launching, when using the Tablet Commander app with a non-ranked soldier
  • Fixed an issue where some emblem shapes weren’t always named correctly when opening Battlepacks
  • Various pixels pushed on the Missions page to better accomodate for long user names and scores in the nemesis sections
  • Fixed an issue where the UCAV was listed twice in the list of vehicles for Soldier Equipment
  • Fixed an issue with the expansion pack icon not showing correctly for items in Loadout, if they had the “cannot equip” style
  • Various minor fixes

Improvements to the Battlelog’s mobile app have also been made:

  • Battlelog now supports the Naval Strike expansion pack for Battlefield 4. The content will be enabled as the release is rolled out on the various platforms.

Features & Improvements

  • We have now added Battlepacks to mobile where you can open Battlepacks and see the content of those you already opened
  • Added Emblems to Settings where you can see your created Emblems and select a new active Emblem
  • Added Privacy Settings, so you can e.g. toggle invisible mode or who can see your stats
  • Added Soldier Portraits in Settings, so you can set a new Soldier Portrait
  • Expansion pack icons are now shown in Stats -> Weapons, Loadout and in the maps list when creating a Mission
  • Added expansion pack icons to the Server Browser filter


  • You can no longer equip AA mines alongside Rocket Launchers in Loadout
  • Fixed an issue where Service Stars wasn’t shown in the Stats -> Weapons view
  • Fixed an issue where the Soldier area in the menu couldn’t be collapsed
  • Fixed an issue where an error popup in Safari on iOS would show, when going to
  • Fixed an issue where you could write empty comments for Missions
  • Fixed an issue where the progress bar for Assignments in Suggestions didn’t properly consider all criteria
  • Ensured that completed assignments will properly show as completed
  • Better handling when clicking certain notifications, so you go to the user’s profile page instead of an empty feed event
  • Fixed an issue where you could use the Track button for already tracked items
  • Fixed issues with missing localizations on the Server Info page
  • Fixed an issue in the Unified Game Manager, where the “Set as Active” button wasn’t properly shown
  • Fixed an issue with the campaign friends leaderboards not showing the right scores for specific levels
  • Changes and tweaks to the Detailed Stats page, so it matches the categories on the web
  • Fixed various issues with some of the links in the Help & About section
  • Better handling of pages when using an account that doesn’t own Battlefield 4

Click the links below for more details on what Naval Strike has to offer.

Four New Multiplayer Maps Bases on Naval Warfare

  • Lost Islands
  • Nansha Strike
  • Wave Breaker
  • Operation Mortar

Five New Weapons and Two New Gadgets

  • SW40 Magnum
  • AWS Machine Gun
  • SR33B Sniper Rifle
  • AR160 Assault Rifle
  • SR-2 PDW
  • AA Mine
  • M320 3GL

New Game Mode: Carrier Assault

New Vehicle: Hovercraft

10 New Assignments and Unlocks


See you on the Battlefield… on a boat.