Battlefield 4 R11 PC Server Update Fixes “Common Server Crash”, PC Game Update Next Week

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Developers DICE have rolled out a brand new server update for the PC version of Battlefield 4 that looks into yet another “common server crash” issue, as well as a few other exploits, bugs, and the ability to set the game mode counter up to 400% for ranked servers or 500% for unranked servers.

In the blog post, the studio also indicated that the previously mentioned PC game update will go live next week.

For now, here are the notes for the recent server update.


  • Fixed a common server crash
  • Fixed an exploit where a player could get unlimited ammo on mortars by redeploying them
  • Fixed an issue where your score displayed in the scoreboard was cut in half during double xp events
  • Removed the possibility for server admins to kick players on official servers by using PunkBuster
  • Game mode counter can now be set up to 400% for Ranked servers and 500% for Unranked servers. In addition, idle time out can now be set up to 86 400 (24 hours) for both server types