Rumor – Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Will Have Working Elevators? 58 Allegedly Leaked Images of the BF4 Alpha

An Imgur album containing 58 images what what looks like the Alpha version of Battlefield 4 have allegedly leaked on to the internet.

As you can see below, the images are presumably of a very early version of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer. Much of the map that’s featured here is still missing textures. Of course, none of what you see could even be anything near final, so keep that in mind. DICE has also not confirmed the legitimacy of any of the screens either.

We hope they’re real because that means there’ll be working elevators in Battlefield 4 multiplayer, and that’s awesome.

Feel free to check them out below, but make sure to keep your sights right here on Monday, June 10, where we’ll have some real Battlefield 4 multiplayer info and impressions straight from the E3 2013 floor.

Some interesting bits of info from the leaked screens include:

  • New loadout screen, includes “Kits,” “Vehicles,” and “Weapons”
  • New award screen includes “Ribbons,” “Medals,” and “Assignments”
  • Left and right Dog Tags are back
  • Origin integration with “Friends” and “Challenges”
  • “Quick Match” and “Sever Browser” return
  • “Battlepacks” can be accessed from the menu, Bronze Battlepack includes three items
  • 5-man squads
  • 4 kits
  • Similar loadout slots to Battlefield 3 with the exception of a selectable knife (Primary, Secondary, Gadget 1, Gadget 2, Grenades, Knife, Specialization and Appearance)
  • Coastal map named Siege
  • New HUD that matches that of the single player demo
  • Command Rose returns
  • Working Elevators?

Thanks, Josh, for the tip!

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