Battlefield 4 Rumors Suggest The Return of Commander Mode, Recording Functionality, Dynamic Weather and More [Updated]


It has been quickly brought to our attention that the following info has been deemed fake by NeoGAF mods, which falls in line with our suspicion of Battlefield 4’s alleged release date and resolution on next-generation consoles.

New Battlefield 4 rumors originating from a Chinese forum post suggest a number of exciting features including Battlefield 4’s setting, the return of the Commander mode, the inclusion of recording functionality, dynamic weather and much, much more.

Currently, Battlefield 4 is set to be revealed to the public on March 27th, and one day earlier to media on March 26th.

According to the forum post, the following information is allegedly what will appear in the April issue of Edge Magazine, which should be on stands by the end of March. Of course, none of the following information has been officially confirmed and should be considered rumor until proven otherwise.

As you read on, however, like us, you’ll most likely hope all of it is true. Should at least most of it come to pass, it looks like Battlefield 4 will turn out to be a pretty darn fantastic next-generation FPS. So, read on.

The author writes that Battlefield 4, releasing sometime in November 2013, will utilize the Frostbite 2.5 engine and will support DX11 API on the PC.

Along with the PC, Battlefield 4 should ship on current-generation consoles – PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – along with next-generation consoles – PlayStatin 4 and the next Xbox.

Current-gen platforms will, once again, only be able to support up to 24 players while next-gen consoles and the PC will support up to 64 players. Next-gen consoles are said to run Battlefield 4 in 720p resolution at 60 frames per second.

Multiplayer battles will feature dynamic weather effects including random rain, dust storms, haze, and other special weather variables. Destruction 4.0 will allow for more realistic destruction. Terrain, surfaces and figures using Tessellation technologies will also appear more real.

Battlefield 4 is said to take place in the year 2020 in China and will feature China and the US as the main factions.

The game will feature advanced weaponry and vehicles that will appear more differentiated between factions. For example, the PLA Type 99 Tank can be upgraded with laser guidance while the M1A2 TUSK will be able to utilize armor piercing tank shells. Weapon modification is also said to be improved.

The current roster of multiplayer locations will boast maps like Diaoyu Islands, Tiananmen, Shanghai Bund, Xizhimen and Xizhimen’s Rush. Of course, this is not likely the final list of maps. Battlefield 4’s first DLC is said to include the maps Power Plan of Dalian, Daqing Oilfield, the Great Wall, and Granville Island (Wake Island?). It appears that those who pre-order Battlefield 4 will receive the first DLC free of charge, as was the case with Battlefield 3’s Back to Karkand DLC.

As in Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s multiplayer, Battlefield 4’s multiplayer matches will end in cinematic sequences. In-game sequences will also be triggered as the battle progresses in modes like Rush. In modes like Conquest, the Pearl of the Orient tower will collapse, for example, once the losing team’s tickets have become close to exhausted (as in Caspian Border CQ.) Airspace is also improved, allowing for less-restricted aerial dog fighting.

The heavily requested Commander feature will return and will allow players to direct infantry through a more strategic view of the battlefield. Commanders will also be able to support their team through the use of additional firepower and supplies, as well as through use of the UAV.

Battlefield 4’s single player campaign will be played from two different perspectives of the PLA and should last about 5-6 hours.

The enhanced Battlelog 2.0 will boast a micro-transaction system as well as recording functionality. Things like personalized paints and other appearance and equipment customizations will be up for purchase as will the ability to rent servers. Veteran Battlefield players will have access to exclusive weaponry in advance. Recording and micro-transations are said to leave game balance unaffected.

Currently, DICE is still rolling out DLC for Battlefield 3. End Game released today for non-Premium PlayStation 3 users. You can check out our full written review of the End Game DLC right here.

What do you think about this last batch of rumors? Think any, of not all of it, will come true? Do you have any of your own improvements in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Chipell Forums, Via NeoGAF.

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