Battlefield 4 Server Update Aims To Fix Crashes on All Platforms

Battlefield 4 developers DICE have rolled out a brand new server update earlier today that aims to keep the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game from crashing, an issue that many have expressed concern over since the game’s launch.

DICE writes in a recent Battlelog update, “We just rolled out a new server update for Battlefield 4 that should fix some of the most common server crashes across all platforms.”

Check out the official notes below.

R7 Server Update (Nov 6)

  • Fixed two of the most common server crashes (All platforms)
  • The “admin.say” command should now work properly (PC)
  • The “vars.preset” command should now work better in conjunction with other vars settings (PC) (It is now easier for server admins to set a server preset)
  • Fixed a bug in the queue system regarding GUID (PC)
  • Fixed various minor bugs (PC)

It may not fix all issues currently facing Battlefield 4, but DICE has outlined the sort of fixes they’re currently working on in this this post right here.

Also be sure to read up on our full Battlefield 4 review, if you haven’t yet.

Let us know if you’ve noticed any improvements!

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