BF4 Servers Undergo Hardware Improvements to Fix Lag and “Rubber-Banding” Issues

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Battlefield 4 developer DICE has noted a recent upgrade to the game’s server infrastructure in an effort to reduce or eliminate the considerable lag a number of users have been experiencing on servers with high player counts.

Lag – or “rubber-banding”, as the Battlefield community likes to call it – has gained significant notoriety since the launch of Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC. Battlefield 4 community manager Dan Mitre has since issued a statement, noting that the team is “unhappy with [Battlefield 4’s] server performance” and will “be upgrading the hardware as soon as possible, investing more to deliver a better experience.”

A planned maintenance over the course of last night aimed to implement these upgrades, despite not being detailed the most recent R32 Server Update changelog.

According to DICE developer who goes by the name “TheBikingViking” on Reddit, hardware improvements are in effect as of last night and players should, hopefully, be noticing a difference.

“Server hardware upgrades are technically not part of a software changelog. The server hardware upgrades would explain why the rubberbanding issues are reported as mostly gone,” he wrote in response to a posting on Reddit.

“As I understand it, yes, the hardware improvements have been done today. Would love to hear some feedback on it,” he wrote in another.

As a bit of a side note, it turns out that a client-side PC patch was, in fact, not planned to take place over night, as was initially reported. “There was never any client update planned for today, only a server update,” TheBikingViking wrote. “I don’t know where that information came from.” It should be noted that the original announcement came from server providers, and not DICE. Looks like we can chalk this one off as a case of misinformation.

Let us know in the comments, are you noticing any performance improvements on higher player count servers?